About Us


It was a sad day when Jerry and I decided to close Caribbean Food Shack restaurant on October 31, 2010.  However, we still remember each and every one of you. We have so many fond memories of the restaurant and accomplishing two of my bucket list items with the openings of 2mayto2mato and Caribbean Food Shack.

During the past couple years I have focused on my 2mayto2mato sauces for distribution.  I specifically worked on my recipes so they would have a longer shelf life.  Better yet, I accomplished this without changing the awesome taste and flavor you like so much!

I am at the point now that I am ready to display my sauces in local stores here in Colorado and Wyoming.  I will be producing my sauces in Longmont and will keep you posted, via website and emails, on locations as we grow.

We have not changed any of the authentic flavors that you enjoyed so much.  We continue to import our scotch bonnet peppers, spices and vegetables from the West Indies for authentic flavors.

I remember when I lived in New York City and how I would travel to the Burroughs of Queens or Brooklyn to get my Trini’s food fix. Now, I have the opportunity to continue to share with you those flavors I remember.  I am forever grateful for the people of Colorado in giving me this opportunity and embracing my culture and home cooking from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  I raise my glass to all of you for helping me keep my heritage and culture alive…thank you very much!!!