Caribbean Food Shack at new location!

By Jane Albritton
Northern Colorado Business Report

Trini travels

One day there were chokas, those Trini-style hot sauces, and aloo potato pies to be had at 2Mayto 2Mato at Scotch Pines Center in Fort Collins. Suddenly, the sign in front signified nothing, and choka-making sensation Angela Ramdass was nowhere to be found. No worries. The unique blend of flavors from India, Trinidad and Tobago will soon reappear as the Caribbean Food Shack in the Campus West Shell Convenience Store at the intersection of Elizabeth and Shields streets.

“We will now be able to offer sit-down seating with booths in the restaurant section and patio tables/chairs when the weather cooperates,” said Jerry Poduska, marketing manager. “We will also be open for breakfast, serving Caribbean oatmeal with raisins, coconut and pineapple.”

Healthy. The lunch and dinner menu will include the familiar favorites: island beef and aloo, roti sandwiches, curry chicken in coconut milk as well as vegetarian dishes. Tasty.

Initially, the shack will be open fromĀ 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Poduska said that plans include expanding hours to 10 p.m. and adding delivery service.