Caribbean Sauces Sold at Windsor Farmers’ Market

By Jennifer Moore 

Jerry Poduska, sets up his 2mayto 2mato tent each Tuesday at the Windsor Farmers’ Market in the Windsor Community Recreation Center’s parking lot looking to catch his next victim.

Jerry Poduska, sets up his 2mayto 2mato tent each Tuesday at the Windsor Farmers’ Market in the Windsor Community Recreation Center’s parking lot looking to catch his next victim.

He lures each customer in with samples of his unique sauces and catches them coming back for more of the different Caribbean flavors.

Each week, Poduska brings an assortment of his sauces including, “Stupid” Hot Sauce, Island Cocktail Sauce and Tamarind Chutney.

“It’s all authentic island flavors and spices,” Poduska said. “We don’t use thickeners and preservatives. So you are getting nothing but fresh stuff.”

Poduska and his wife Angela Ramdass also own Caribbean Food Shack, located in the Shell gas station at 1015 S. Shields St. in Fort Collins. Ramdass makes all the sauces herself, and the ingredients are shipped from Trinidad and Tobago, just off the coast of Venezuela.

“It started as a whim. Angela made (the original) Choka (sauce) all the time, and our friends would come over and eat it. I said ‘I bet I could sell that at the farmers’ market, why don’t you make a batch?'” Poduska said. “I took a cooler with 12 sauces and sold them in an hour. I doubled it the next time and sold out again.”

As demand continued, the couple rented space, which eventually turned into a restaurant. They have been selling the sauces for three years, including at farmers’ markets in Estes Park, Wyoming, Fort Collins and Boulder.

Poduska said the markets are a good place to meet people and hear the positive feedback of his products.

“They tell me the different ways they used the products, and we will put it on our Web site,” he said. “Another fun part of the market is understanding that you have a product that people want and come back to get.”

The most challenging aspect is getting customers to understand that the products are not hot.

“When they hear Caribbean they think island and think of hot,” Poduska said. “Once I get them to sample the product, they buy it and get to the very unique flavor. You will have never tasted anything like our Tamarind or Choka.”

Poduska said he will bring different sauces each week and is always taking special orders for customer’s favorite sauces, heat levels and ingredients.

“It’s really important for the local community to support the farmers’ market to keep the vendors coming,” Poduska said. “I hope to get product awareness.”

The Windsor Farmers’ Market continues to grow with vendors each week. Vickie Dennis, who is the organizer of the market said in the next couple of weeks new vendors will bring in pasta, bread, peaches and other fruits.

2mayto 2mato Products 

— Tamarind Chutney: Very versatile sauce. Recommended for white fish, salmon, scallop, pork and chicken. Used as a marinade or glaze. Great on cream cheese and crackers.

— Original Fire Roasted Choka: Called the “Magic Sauce.” Ingredients of pepper, onion, garlic, vegetable oil, spices and cumin. The Roma Tomato’s outer skin is fire roasted. It’s best used on chicken, pasta, scrambled eggs and meatloaf. Made in four heat levels: Island Mild (hardly any pepper, a “true” mild), Sabita Spicy (will get your attention at the end), T&T Dynamite (hot, with fire roasted flavor) and Death by Choka (the name says it all, eat this and you’ll get your name on the company’s Web site).

— “Stupid” Hot Sauce: It’s so hot it’s stupid, according to makers. It was named by a customer. Congo Pepper is brought from Trinidad Tobago.

— Sautéed Pumpkin: The pumpkin is from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s more squashy and sweet and used as a hot side dish and best used on wraps and for chips and dip.

— Island Jerk Sauce: It’s not a rub, but used on meats for a island flavor.

— Cocktail Sauce: This sweet island sauce is served with fish.